The people behind Seeley & Associates


Maggie Seeley


Maggie Seeley (MA, MS) is the Managing Partner of Seeley & Associates. Using the Triple Bottom Line which measures 3 dimensions of performance - People (social capital), Planet (environmental stewardship), Profit (economic stability) - she believes that most business problems can be solved by facilitating the intelligence of the staff and stakeholders - High Touch Solutions. 


She has worked on organizational and business solutions in Bangladesh, Nigeria, China, Uganda and Thailand (1994-2004) and helped many businesses in the US.  Local clients include Affordable Solar, PAPERS!, Anella Architects, Stone Walker Enterprises, Sustainable Solutions, Positive Energy Solar, Richmond Products, Paradigm Physical Therapy, Resonance Design, The Source, Pay Day, the Avila Management Group (1995- 2005). 


Between 2007-2013, Maggie was an Adjunct Professor in the UNM Sustainability Studies Program. She co-edited the book Creating a Sustainable World: social, ecological and economic frameworks. (2009, Whittier Publications).  She co-founded EcoVila Cunha in 2003 in Cunha, Brasil.  In June 2015, Maggie walked for 250 miles of the Camiño de Santiago in northern Spain.

Maanik Mahna

Maanik Mahna is a teacher of human consciousness tools through a program called Avatar. He's a debutant in the baking business and a socio-political activist. He fundraises to bring the farmer suicide issue on the political agenda through a non-political forum called Swaraj Abhiyan.


Maanik was formerly a business partner at Radnik Exports heading a $15 million garment export division. He was responsible for sales, strategy, and executive leadership empowerment, raising the sales turnover from 3 million to 15 million in a period of 10 years.

Liz Davenport

Founder of Order From Chaos, Liz has provided 20 years of time management and organizational strategies and behaviors to Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, the Four Corners Business Conference, Alegria Family Services and many organizations. She has published two books (Order From Chaos is translated into Chinese and Korean) and hosts a web series on how to organize your business life. She is also a workshop facilitator and inspirational speaker. Liz spend 10 years with Intel Corporation 1984-1994 and several insurance companies before her organizing career took off like a rocket.

Sueki Woodward

After 8 years (1986-1992) as National Distribution Manager with Quantum corporation in San Francisco, Sueki discovered Adobe and became their lead Evangelist for Photoshop. She wrote the Adobe training tutorial which dramatically increased visibility and software products making Adobe a household word. She is a superior Photographer and graphic artist who teaches for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the University of Phoenix. She is bilingual and part of her year is spent in Mexico.

Denis Doyon


As principal of Samadhi Web Design, Denis helps businesses, organizations and projects use online tools to grow and prosper. More than graphic design, more than coding, effective web design defines your business or organization's online identity, communicates your vision, and creates partnerships with others around the world.  Denis brings his rich experience in organizational development, project management and media arts to every project, working with international clients from his home in a spiritual community/ecovillage in Brazil.

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