A two-day seminar to get you revitalized and into action.


Remove obstacles, de-clutter your space and your mind, and get excited about making this year your best EVER!


Work with others to strike a compelling vision and design the steps to fulfill it. De-clutter your life so you can focus on what’s truly important.


Includes three personal follow-up consultations and a group Show and Tell.


Featured Workshop

First, we ask 3 questions:

  1. What's Working?

  2. What's Missing?

  3. What Excites You?


Then we re-create:

  • Vision & Goals

    • Can you develop a mental picture of the manifestation of your vision?

  • Powerful daily habits

  • Slaying of the dragons of inertia

  • Structure & Accountability

    • We find the tools that work for you.

    • Everything gets written down.

    • Everything has a deadline.

    • We build teams with regular check-ins.

A deep look into your business

Management Analysis

It's true that many businesses have started without a business plan, but consider sailing across the Pacific Ocean without a compass.


 Business Plans allow you to investigate:

  • Are we on target with our vision, product or service?  

  • Are we creating profit while honoring our values?  

  • Are we having fun?


A typical Business Plan shows Corporate Structure, describes products, services, and client demographics, and includes a Market Profile (what are the + and - of our environment).

Our Business Plans must also be

  • inspiring (company description and vision)

  • financially sound ($NUT$ expenses, Financials, Capital)

  • distinguishing (what's important, what's not)

  • well communicated (to clarify our actions)

  • a flexible guide to success

Decide where you want to go, so you can get there

Vision & Planning

COACHING catalyzes the innate intelligence and wisdom of our clients.  We reveal their beliefs and unproductive internal dialogue, identify their dreams & help move them into positive action.


We like to use personality tools because they provide instant, recognizable feedback, and people love to know about themselves. Among our favorites are the LPI, DISC and MBTI.


Everything begins with a vision, followed by a strategy (including reducing inertia) and then actions. We co-create measureable goals and indicators with you to assure we’re on target.


Listening, playback and empathy are key to our coaching style. Our goal is to see your personal effectiveness and confidence increase. We want people to succeed and we love the role of cheerleader.

Help getting there

Coaching & Training


TRAINING provides engagement, inspiration, skills, and tools in such an attractive way that people are eager to learn. Our training provides:


  1. Alignment with vision & business practices;

  2. Role clarification and accountability;

  3. Increased interest in the organization, its people, products & services; and

  4. The development and practice of new skills.


Some people learn by reading, some by seeing and doing, others by “feeling into” the system. So we teach in multiple learning modalities.


We offer business skills workshops as well as custom-designed trainings.


Everything (new skills, training outcomes) is measured.  The measures are co-designed by clients and consultants together.  

Seeley & Associates brings decades of hands-on experience in business, nonprofit agencies and grassroots organizations to help your team take a deep look into your business. Sitting in circles, listening to many viewpoints and stressing appreciation, your group can create an inspiring common vision, and draw up a roadmap for success.  Our consultants then provide training and coaching to help get you there. 

Our management analysis of ELF Oil in Nigeria examined the organizational environment as it relates to staff career development.

Our Vision Cafe with Affordable Solar in New Mexico defined the

5-year goals for the company with respect to finances, ownership, 

structure, staff, governance and competencies.

For a glimpse into our planning process, download our free visioning exercise document: 

Actualizing Your Vision & Goals